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Sphere Travel media & Exhibitions

  • We are one of India’s most credible Events, Festivals, Exhibition & Branding Companies Established in 1998
  • With a team of over 70 professionals spread over five offices, all over India
  • We are connected with more than 40,000+ travel agents in India 17,000+ travel agents across Middle East, South East Asia & Europe
  • We have delegated Roadshows across UK, Spain, USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka & all across Middle East
  • We have prominence in digital media, the best infrastructure for logistics including manpower.

Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions is a dynamic company that specializes in organizing travel exhibitions and media services. With a focus on showcasing the diverse and vibrant world of travel, Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions creates engaging and informative events that cater to both industry professionals and travel enthusiasts alike.

One of the key strengths of Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions is its ability to curate and present travel experiences from around the globe. Through its exhibitions, the company provides a platform for travel companies, tour operators, and destination representatives to connect with a wide audience of potential travelers. These exhibitions often feature a wide range of travel-related products and services, from exotic destinations and luxury resorts to adventure tours and cultural experiences.

In addition to its exhibitions, Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions offers a range of media services aimed at promoting travel and tourism. This includes the production of travel guides, brochures, and online content that inspire and inform travelers. The company also works closely with travel bloggers, influencers, and media outlets to create engaging content that highlights the beauty and diversity of travel destinations.

Sphere TravelMedia & Exhibitions is known for its innovative approach to travel promotion, often incorporating technology and interactive elements into its exhibitions and media campaigns. This forward-thinking approach helps the company stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving travel industry.

Sphere TravelMedia & Exhibitions is a company that is passionate about travel and dedicated to promoting the wonders of the world to a global audience. Through its exhibitions and media services, the company plays a key role in inspiring people to explore new destinations and create unforgettable travel experiences.

Sphere Travelmedia
Sphere Travelmedia

 Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions GROUP VENTURES

  1. India International Travel Mart (IITM): IITM is one of India’s leading travel trade shows, featuring a wide range of travel-related products and services. It serves as a platform for travel agents, tour operators, destination representatives, and other travel professionals to network, showcase their offerings, and connect with potential customers. IITM events are held in major cities across India and attract a diverse audience of travel enthusiasts and industry professionals.
  2. Holiday Expo: Holiday Expo is another prominent travel exhibition that focuses on promoting holiday destinations, tour packages, travel accessories, and related services. The expo provides a platform for travelers to explore a variety of holiday options and interact with travel experts to plan their next vacation. Holiday Expo events are typically held in key cities and tourist hubs, attracting a large number of visitors looking for holiday inspiration and deals.
  3. OTR (Outbound Travel Roadshow): OTR is a specialized event that focuses on promoting outbound travel from India to international destinations. It brings together travel agents, tour operators, airlines, and tourism boards from around the world to showcase their offerings and connect with Indian travelers seeking international travel experiences. OTR events provide a valuable platform for promoting tourism and fostering business relationships between Indian and international travel professionals.

These companies, including IITM (India International Travel Mart), Holiday Expo, and OTR (Outbound Travel Roadshow), are group venture companies of Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions. Together, they form a comprehensive network of travel-related events and exhibitions that cater to various aspects of the travel industry. Through these ventures, Sphere Travel Media & Exhibitions aims to promote tourism, facilitate business connections, and inspire travelers to explore new destinations